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Catherine on Andrew

What were you hoping for?

A British
Bradley Cooper

Initially thoughts?

a corner between
Dominic Cooper
Jack Ebony

Just what do you discuss?

Family, great meals, power ballads, their IT genius, becoming a reporter, his cat.

Any awkward times?

He said the guy found me attractive which we seem like their sis in nearly the same sentence.

Great table ways?

Fine, although he always got the more expensive portion on the posting plates. That’s normally my secret.

Ideal thing about him?

The guy wants to laugh and informs genuinely funny stories.

Can you present him your buddies?

The few that like cats.

Describe Andrew in three words

Happy, amusing, catman.

Exactly what do you would imagine the guy made from you?

He sought out my personal Facebook profile during the table, therefore I thought the guy planned to keep in touch.

Did you go on someplace?

We were the final ones when you look at the cafe. He was thus entertaining, time flew by.

And… do you hug?


Any time you could alter the one thing in regards to the evening, what can it be?

He is apparently more of a talker than a listener.

Markings out-of 10?


Could you fulfill once again?

Perhaps as friends, for power ballad karaoke.

Andrew on Catherine

Just what were you hoping for?

Someone i really could hold a conversation with.

First impressions?

She obviously looks after her human body.

Just what do you discuss?

Four hours flew by. Pick a subject therefore mentioned it.

Any uncomfortable moments?

I mentioned she looked like my personal brother – followed by, “don’t be concerned, i enjoy my personal sister.”

Great dining table manners?


Ideal thing about their?

It’s difficult to pick a “best”. As a whole, she ended up being lovely.

Could you present her to your pals?

I favor to allow my friends expose themselves together.

Describe Catherine in three words

Simply. My. Kind.

Exactly what do you might think she manufactured from you?

Many people really like myself – she probably enjoyed me personally. She actually is probably planning all of our marriage.

Do you go on somewhere?

She showed myself in which your dog was actually decapitated in a door. Does that matter?

And… did you kiss?


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Should you could alter a very important factor regarding night, what can it be?


Markings out of 10?

She’s a 9.

Can you meet once again?

If reading this article has not place their down extreme, I would love to.

Catherine and Andrew consumed at
Mews of Mayfair
, London W1,
. Fancy a blind time? Mail

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